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~ unknown


This is the preferred template for quotations which I stole shamelessly from Uncyclopedia. Yet again.

The first parameter is a quotation. Don't put it in quotation marks; the template will do that itself.

The second parameter is who said it. If there's an article on that person, it'll link to it.

The third parameter is any other qualifications of that quote. This has to be in exactly as you want it to appear, but it's optional if you're lazy. Like me.


{{Q|This is a quote.|Author}} prints:

“This is a quote.”
~ Author

{{Q|This is a quote.|Author|subject}} prints:

“This is a quote.”
~ Author subject

{{Q|This is a quote.|[[Author|Some guy]]|about a subject}} prints:

“This is a quote.”
~ Some guy about a subject