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Rumble Info
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Users {{{user}}}
|name= The character's name. Defaults to the name of the page.
|series= Series the character is taken from.
|image= In the format of "filename.ext". Don't add this as an image. (Optional.)
|imagesize=The size of the image in pixels. Defaults to 200. (Optional.)
|caption=A caption for under the picture. (Optional.)
|title= The character's title in their home series (e.g. Boyd = Tectonic Prince) (Optional.)
|gender= The character's gender.
|age= The character's age, estimated or otherwise. (Optional.)
|dob= Character's date of birth, estimated or otherwise. (Optional.)
|species= Character's species - in short, their race (Human, Elf, etc.) (Optional.)
|height= How tall the character is. (Optional.)
|residence= Where the character lives. (Optional.)
|occupation= What the character does (usually for a living). (Optional.)
|rumble= What Rumble(s) the character went to.
|user= List of users who have fielded the character in Rumble.

Don't worry if something doesn't appear to show up on the sample to the right; it just means it's optional.